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SWIB COVID-19 Response

To WRS participants and other stakeholders : The recent market movement has been volatile and significant. Over the past several weeks, the spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on global financial markets. SWIB is continuing to monitor, analyze, and respond to market conditions. Our investment and trading operations continue as usual, and we can operate remotely during the public health crisis. It is important to remember that SWIB is a long-term investor. Although no investment strategy can prevent losses, our goal is to generate returns over the long-term to help ensure the WRS remains strong. SWIB is positioning to take opportunities now and for the eventual market rebound. It is still early in the year. Governments around the globe are taking unprecedented efforts to both contain the virus and help stabilize the economy. As many of our stakeholders know, market gains and losses for the Core Trust Fund are smoothed over five years. Last year’s net return of 19.33% and SWIB’s highly diversified portfolio put us in a strong position to weather this current downturn. This is not the first time we have had to deal with stresses in the markets, and it will not be the last. These are unprecedented economic times that create uncertainty around what might happen next. But, just as we did through previous market challenges, we will continue to adapt, work hard, monitor our investments, and take opportunities where we see them on behalf of the trust funds that we manage.

On behalf of the SWIB Board of Trustees and our committed staff, stay safe as we navigate through the days ahead. David Villa Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer

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