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State of Wisconsin Investment Board


Madison, Wis.

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  • People - We believe people are the core of SWIB's mission. We value our people beyond their work, and encourage intellectual curiosity, transparency, candor, and respect. We're passionate about recruiting, developing, and retaining our talent. We respect, appreciate, and accept all SWIB employees and are committed to cultivating and preserving a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  • Excellence - We strive to exceed expectations and take pride in the quality of our work. We are motivated to continually improve and expand our viewpoints. We are results focused and process driven.

  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in meeting our fiduciary duty. We maintain our internal and external relationships on a solid foundation of trust, dependability, accountability, and openness. 

  • Innovation - We believe innovation is critical to SWIB's success and requires each person to have a genuine interest in creativity, prudently embrace change, and challenge the norm.

  • Collaboration - We operate as one team, seeking ways to contribute our individual talents toward achieving our shared mission. We value diverse ideas and recognize that thoughtful collaboration requires commitment, openness, preparation, and hard work.

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