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State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Through targeted and strategic investments, SWIB has been able to help numerous businesses across the state write success stories that have benefited Wisconsin's economy. Those investments have generated solid returns with acceptable levels of risk for the trust funds SWIB manages.

Committed to Wisconsin

Blueprints for Success

Starting and growing a successful business is not always easy. It may start with an idea, but in between that idea and the goal is a great deal of planning and hard work to develop a blueprint for success. SWIB is proud to have been a part of the blueprints for success for many Wisconsin businesses.

Committed to Wisconsin

SWIB's fundamental responsibility is to generate strong investment returns and maintain the fiduciary duty it owes to the trust funds under management. However, SWIB welcomes opportunities that have the dual benefit of being both a good investment for the trust funds and good for Wisconsin's economy. For decades, SWIB has been making investments in Wisconsin and will continue to try and do so in the future. As of June 30, 2023, SWIB had more than $635 million invested in companies either headquartered or with significant presence in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Private Debt

SWIB's Wisconsin Private Debt Portfolio provides financing for company operations both inside and outside the state. While its fiduciary duty is owed to the participants of the WRS, SWIB has found ways to invest meaningful capital directly into companies that not only provide market returns, but also lead to enhanced economic activity throughout the state.

Wisconsin Venture Capital

SWIB's primary objective for investing in early stage start-up companies through its Wisconsin Venture Capital Portfolio is to generate good investment returns for the beneficiaries of the WRS on a risk adjusted basis. A secondary benefit, many times, comes from potential jobs these investments can create.

Goals for Investing in Wisconsin Report

SWIB is required by state statutes to report biennially to the Governor and the Legislature on a four-year plan for making investments in Wisconsin. Read the Goals for Investing in Wisconsin Report.

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