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Lin Maung Named to Class of 2023 NextGens List

SWIB senior portfolio manager Lin Maung has been named to Chief Investment Officer’s Class of 2023 NextGens. A member of SWIB’s Private Equity & Co-Investments Team, Maung was nominated as “one of the brightest up-and-comers from the universe of public pensions.”

“From my perspective, what makes Lin valuable to SWIB and has him on a clear upward trajectory, both here and in his career more generally, is that: He builds solid relationships internally and externally to stay abreast of market opportunities; his investment opinions are well thought out and insightful; and he embodies the leadership potential we need at SWIB as I think about our next generation of leaders,” Edwin Denson, SWIB’s executive director and chief investment officer, said.

The Class of 2023 NextGens includes 26 members ranging across the asset allocation industry. NextGen members are allocators who stand to become chief investment officers themselves someday. They are known for their virtuous mix of financial knowledge, interpersonal skills, and forward thinking, and they are leaders in their organizations and their communities. Click here to read more about the awards and click here to read Maung’s responses to CIO’s questionnaire.


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