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SWIB Wins Change Maker of the Year Allocators' Choice Award

SWIB has long been recognized as an investment leader because of its success in maintaining the WRS and for the highly-qualified staff overseeing the retirement trust funds. That recognition continued in 2018.

For the second time in as many years, SWIB was chosen by its peers as an Institutional Investor Allocators’ Choice Award winner. SWIB brought home top honors in the category of Change Maker of the Year. At last year’s inaugural Allocators’ Choice Awards, SWIB won the Team of the Year and Technology User of the Year awards.

SWIB was recognized this year for the work staff is doing to generate returns above the market through active management. SWIB’s work is starting to influence the way other public pension funds are investing. In voting for the Change Maker of the Year award, industry peers acknowledged SWIB’s strategy could be a model for other public pension systems.

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