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SWIB Announces 2016 WRS Preliminary Returns; Earns $1.1 Billion Over Market Returns

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB) today announced preliminary returns for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), the state's public employee retirement plan. The Core Fund, the larger of the two WRS trust funds, ended the year with a preliminary return of 8.5 percent and a preliminary five-year return of 8.1 percent, both above their benchmarks. The Variable Fund, an optional stock fund, ended the year with a preliminary return of 10.6 percent and a five-year return of 12.1 percent, also exceeding their benchmarks. Over the last five years, SWIB staff has earned $1.1 billion over market returns after costs.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) will determine annuity adjustments for the Core Fund and the Variable Fund in March after an actuarial analysis is completed. Investment performance also affects contribution rates for public employees and employers, rates for 2018 will be set in June.

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