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The Wisconsin Private Debt Program has been part of SWIB's investment strategy since the 1960s. Often times, smaller companies that can not get the attention of very large investors may find sources of senior and subordinated debt financing through SWIB’s Private Debt portfolio.

SWIB can also be a good partner with the company’s banks, providing the long-term loan that complements the bank’s short-term financing, but does not compete with the bank to provide other financial services.

The portfolio provides long-term, senior fixed-rate loans and subordinated loans to operating businesses that can demonstrate the ability to repay their debt. Wisconsin companies must pass the same credit tests that are used to evaluate companies outside the state. Wisconsin companies can qualify for senior loans as small as $5 million and subordinated loans as small as $3 million. Financing is primarily provided to businesses:

  • Headquartered in Wisconsin

  • Operating in Wisconsin

  • Intending to invest proceeds in Wisconsin

SWIB will consider some regional transactions as investments for its private debt portfolio.

Criteria and requirements for the Wisconsin Private Debt Program.

Criteria and requirements for the Wisconsin Private Debt Program.

Portfolio Benefits Businesses, Wisconsin and the WRS

As the country's largest producer of organic milk, Organic Valley is a recognizable name on grocery store shelves from New York to California. What started as a group of seven organic farmers committed to agriculture and building a future for sustainable family farming in rural communities has become a company that is a national leader in organic agriculture with more than 1,700 family farms. Learn more about how SWIB's Wisconsin Private Debt Portfolio has helped Organic Valley and hundreds of other businesses across the state write their own success stories.

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