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Board of Trustees Contact

The public can submit brief comments to SWIB's Board of Trustees using the form below. This service is being offered as a courtesy to members of the public. If you have questions for SWIB regarding investments of the trust funds or investment performance, click here to click here to contact Communications. Comments received will generally be provided to the Trustees prior to each regular quarterly Board meeting subject to the below considerations: 

  • SWIB's Chief Legal Counsel will review all comments prior to their distribution to the Board. 

    • Any comments deemed inappropriate, offensive, or aggressive, in the discretion of SWIB's Chief Legal Counsel, will not be submitted to the Board. ​

    • Only comments with a valid name and email and/or telephone number will be provided to the Board. 

  • Trustees will review all comments distributed to the Board; however, comments are not expected to be read aloud or otherwise included in the meeting materials or addressed during meetings, unless requested by the Board. The Board is under no obligation to acknowledge or address any comments in may receive. 

  • Any comments submitted are subject to public records requests and will appear in a log of public comments along with the submitter's name. 


**Under Wisconsin law, members have the right to attend and observe open session meeting of governmental bodies, but there is no corresponding right that allows member to actively participate or speak at meetings. For more information, please see additional Wisconsin Department of Justice guidance here.​

I am a WRS participant.

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Contact Us

ETF is responsible for administering retirement and other benefit programs for WRS participants. Please contact ETF or visit the ETF website if you have questions about information regarding your personal account or about benefits.


Office address:

4703 Madison Yards Way, Suite 700
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 266-2381

Postal address: 
PO Box 7842
Madison, WI 53707-7842

Beneficiary Hot Line:
Madison 608-267-0957
Toll-free 800-424-7942

Media Inquiries:
Shannon Gannon
(608) 261-2415

Government Relations Liaison:

Jay Risch

(608) 261-2410

Additional Resources

Meeting Agendas/Materials

Board of Trustee meetings are held at SWIB's offices, 4703 Madison Yards Way, Suite 700, unless otherwise stated. Agendas are available the day prior to the meeting. Click here for meeting agendas and materials for Board of Trustees. 

WRS News

​Published in January, May and September by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) and SWIB, the WRS News informs Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) members about benefit programs and trust fund investment news. Click here to access current and past issues of the WRS News.


SWIB's publications provide helpful information about SWIB and the investment of the trust funds. Click here to access current and past publications. To order printed copies of publications, email us

Study of the Wisconsin Retirement System

A study of the WRS was submitted by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, ETF and the Office of State Employment Relations in accordance with 2011 Wisconsin Act 32. Click here to read the study. 

Comparative Study of Major Public Employee Retirement Systems

This study compares significant features of major state and local public employee retirement systems in the United States. Generally, the report has been prepared every two years since 1982 by the Wisconsin Retirement Research Committee staff or the Legislative Council staff. Click here for the latest study. 

Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper on WRS

This paper takes an in-depth look at the WRS. Click here to read the informational paper. 

ETF Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

ETF publishes a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to provide information about ETF, the WRS and other benefit plans and trust funds administered by ETF. Click here for more information. 

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