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State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Wisconsin CD Program

Green Bay, Wis.

The Wisconsin Certificate of Deposit (CD) Program was implemented in 1987 allowing SWIB to buy about $80 million annually in CDs issued by Wisconsin-based financial institutions.  It was designed so that SWIB could fulfill its fiduciary duties by earning a competitive rate of return while providing local financial institutions with access to additional capital. Subsequent changes to the program made it more flexible and accessible.  These changes included: offering more maturities, monthly purchases instead of quarterly, increasing the maximum funding allocation to $500 million, and the addition of a second program with floating rates. Eligible institutions must:

  1. Meet capital requirements

  2. Be authorized to accept demand deposits in Wisconsin

  3. Be approved to hold FDIC insured deposits


Interested Wisconsin banks and thrifts can contact Bankers' Bank at 800-234-5584.


Although participants include large statewide banks as well as locally owned community banks, many of the institutions have assets of $100 million or less. More than 150 banks and thrifts have participated in this program, which includes institutions in more than 97% of Wisconsin's counties.

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