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State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Separately Managed Funds

SWIB is responsible for investing four other funds established by the State. Each Fund is managed separately and investments are made according to the purpose and risk profile of each trust.


The Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund was created by statute to provide excess medical malpractice coverage for Wisconsin health care providers.  The program is administered by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. The Fund is invested in long-term and short-term fixed income investments. Cash flows are generated through coupon and maturity payments to meet short-term liability payments. Longer liability payments are immunized. The portfolio is periodically rebalanced based on projected cash needs by the Board of Governors of the Patients Compensation Fund.  Detailed information about the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund is available on the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

(608) 266-6830 (Madison)

The State Life Insurance Fund is a state-sponsored life insurance program for the benefit of Wisconsin residents. The applicant must be a state resident at the time of application for coverage through the Fund. The Fund operates on a nonprofit basis and receives no subsidies from the state. It is not permitted to use commissioned agents, does not advertise, and is exempt from federal income tax. The Fund has a total return objective, emphasizing fixed income investments. More information about the State Life Insurance Fund is available on the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance website.

(608) 266-0107 (Madison)

(800) 562-5558 (nationwide)

The Historical Society Trust Fund helps the state Historical Society's goal to promote a wider appreciation of the American heritage with an emphasis on the collection, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge of the history of Wisconsin and the region.  The Historical Society's investment portfolio invests the endowment funds with a total return objective and emphasizes common stock investments. For more information, visit the State Historical Society website or call:

(608) 264-6400 (Madison)

The University of Wisconsin System Trust Funds consist primarily of monies that have been gifted directly to a UW institution rather than to one of the separate, supporting foundations. The Trust Funds Office works externally with donors and other related parties, and internally with the benefiting campuses and colleges, to facilitate the receipt and proper use (compliant with donor terms and conditions) of all gifts and bequests. The majority of the trust funds are invested by SWIB. For more information, visit the UW System Trust Funds website or call:

(608) 2656-0857 (Madison)

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