December 1, 2002

SWIB has committed an additional $100 million for venture capital investing in technology in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Monica Jaehnig, Portfolio Manager, is managing the project.



August 1, 2002

The questionable or fraudulent financial practices by several US corporations have stunned investors and created swift legal reforms. Hoping to restore investor confidence in American corporations, President Bush signed corporate accountability legislation in July. Hig...

May 1, 2002

Welcome to the 2002 annual SWIB Report, published by the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB). SWIB is responsible for investing the assets of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). All other aspects of the WRS, such as managing individual accounts and benefits,...

February 1, 2002

Headlines regarding the investment industry are common occurrences today. One of our biggest challenges is providing information to help the 478,000 WRS participants keep up-to date on how today’s news may affect the pension system. The update on page 1 looks at return...

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Asset allocation is an important part of the investment process. Each year, the Board of Trustees reviews how the assets of the retirement funds are a...

May WRS News: Allocation key to performance

May 21, 2016

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