WRS Performance
Preliminary year-to-date as of 7/31/16
Preliminary returns are estimated, subject to final portfolio and benchmark valuations.
Core  7.0%
Variable  6.7%

Uncommon features contribute to the strength of the WRS. Read "Pension Sustainability – The Wisconsin Example"

WRS is highlighted in "Top of the Pension Class" in the January issue of fedgazette.



The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is the 9th largest public pension fund in the US and the 24th* largest public or private pension fund in the world. Participants include current and former employees of Wisconsin’s state agencies and most local governments other than the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

Investing WRS assets is the responsibility of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB). Individual accounts and benefits under the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) are managed by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF).

Contributions made to the WRS by employees and their employers are invested by the Investment Board. The accumulated funds in the retirement system trusts are used to pay retirement benefits.

*Rankings as of September 2015

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Trust Fund performance and impact on particpants since 1983

 Overview of the Core and Variable performance

The WRS has two funds: the Core Fund, a fully diversified fund, and the Variable Fund, an all-stock fund.